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"Tired of Struggling with Your Fitness Goals?"

Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted
From Athletic Unlimited.

Dave Gibson, Certified Master Trainer and three Time California State Cycling Champion.

Congratulations and welcome to Athletic Unlimited. You're here because you want to team up with a fitness professional who believes in empowerment through education. 

Come train in a state-of-the-art private studio.   I specialize in training middle-age adults who want to recapture their youth, vigor, reclaim their bodies, and improve their total well- being.

Break through your weight loss plateaus with my cross-training system. Experience a variety of strength, cardio fat-blasting, and muscle toning workouts that turn up your metabolism and tackle problem areas.

Got a middle-age body? Experiencing excess weight and body fat? I can help you feel and look fabulous!

I am a 52-year young fitness and nutrition professional who is committed to helping you achieve optimal health.   I have been coaching and training clients for over 20 years and I know what works!

Real results for real people
Disclaimer. These are real clients that have achieved Real Results. Results vary from Individual to individual.
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