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Greg S

Year ago I used to be a 5th degree Taekwond black, belt then I let myself go. Luckily for me I found Dave. Now at 53 years old I feel great I have more muscle tone, I am leaner and healthier than I've been in years thanks to Dave. Dave has a comprehensive understanding of fitness and nutrition and knows how to get middle age people back into shape. I enjoy his program and his positive energy every time I walk through his door. I highly recommend Dave if you're looking to get in the best shape of your life!

Greg S. Anaheim Hills, CA

Dave Gibson is an excellent trainer. He is a former professional athlete who has made Fitness his lifelong passion. He utilizes a total MINDBODY approach focusing not only on fitness but healthy living. Dave's approach to life and fitness is infectious and he is a pleasure to work with. He has become my spiritual and fitness guru this past year.

Dr. Kamath, M.D. Anaheim Hills, CA

Working out with Dave is like being with a magician who has so many tricks up his sleeve to get you into the best shape of your life without really knowing it's happening. "Before Dave" we had been 'working' out three and four days a week year after year and saw more results in just two months with Dave than in the previous two years. Don't get me wrong you work hard he pushes you but the work you do produces results.

Elizabeth and Ron V. Anaheim Hills, CA

I have been working out with Dave two days a week for only three months, and it’s been great! Dave pushes me hard, but not to hard. I have more energy, I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist, and I am looking good in my skinny jeans again. It’s been a wonderful experience to train with Dave and I look forward to every session.

Lisa, Brea

Dave is an excellent trainer. This was my first experience with a personal trainer and probably my 100th attempt at working out. I have never been comfortable in the gym. However, I felt totally comfortable with Dave. His studio gives the privacy needed and allows you to focus on you without distraction. Dave tailored workouts that were doable yet challenging. Dave always made me feel I could do it. After years of failed work-out attempts I was able to easily adapt to a new lifestyle. Dave, Thank you. You have changed my perspective and therefore the way I live my life.

Many Thanks,

I've been a multi-sport athlete for years and as such require much cross conditioning. One of the qualities I look for in a personal trainer is the ability to constantly change workout routines so I don't get bored. I just have to say Dave is amazing! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and exercise, but he truly loves what he does and shares that enthusiasm with me each time I walk through his door.

Laura G., Brea

I've been with Dave over a year and what a difference in my strength and overall fitness! From day one, my training sessions were geared toward my individual fitness level and fitness goals. This has not only kept me motivated, but it has produced many positive results.  My workouts at Athletic Unlimited are truly the highlight of my work week!

Thea S., Studio City

When I was looking for a personal trainer who could train me outdoors and indoors it was important to find someone who doesn't just know about fitness and cycling, but has real life experience.

Dave was the perfect choice for me. He is a two time State Champion. Having the opportunity to train and cycle with a partner with amazing knowledge and skills to evaluate my fitness. His great personality makes the sometimes difficult workouts enjoyable. Every week I look forward to training with Dave whether it is cycling or strength training. Most of all I am getting great results.

Tanya P. , West L.A.

At Athletic Unlimited I feel I receive a workout plan designed by a expert in fitness and nutrition. From Dave's knowledge I have gained the proper training to suit my body design. I find the one hour workout sessions highly effective, much more so than spending time at the gym. I would recommend the training at Athletic Unlimited to my friends and family. Dave is an example of fine tuning an exercise program to the human body. Who wouldn't want to look like him?

Virginia C., Yorba Linda

Before coming to Dave I had quite a bit of back pain whenever I rode my bike.  After only a few weeks of working with him my back no longer bothers me.  Thanks to his expertise I can do what I love to do pain free!

Justin M., Whittier

I can't tell you how many times I've started an exercise program and within months I'd quit. I guess I never got results quick enough or maybe I just got bored. Most often, other more urgent responsibilities would surface. It can be stressful running a dynamic bank. My weight and fitness were suffering and I knew I had to do something about it. I always thought I could do it on my own. Then I realized I hire an accountant to do my taxes, an attorney to take care of my legal issues-why should I expect to be an expert on exercise? So I hired the experts at Athletic Unlimited and I haven't looked back since. I've lost inches, gained lean and toned muscles and my energy levels have sky-rocketed! Dave Gibson holds me accountable to my goals and the workouts are as close to "fun" as you get. Working out at Athletic Unlimited has impacted my entire life. I feel amazing and people notice the change everyday.

Jill B., Brea

In just three weeks Dave has increased my strength and stamina. I look and feel better than I have in years. As we continue training I see the old me returning-only better. Thanks Dave.

Chrissie H., Brea

Before I started training with Dave at Athletic Unlimited I was overweight and I experienced low self esteem. With Dave’s professional help I have lost 30 lbs. and have gained lean tone muscle in place of fat. Now my self confidence has gone through the roof. Thanks Dave for helping me feel good about my self again.

Chase A., La Harbra


My favorite thing about working out with Dave is that, even after more than a year, he still challenges me with every workout. And when he says, "Trust me, you're gonna like the results," it's always true!

Mary L., La Habra


Dave’s total approach to fitness is right on – cardio, strength training and diet.  I am wearing clothes that had been in my closet for years after six weeks of training.  He does a great job of introducing new stretching exercises and training routines for every muscle group to keep the sessions interesting and helps you understand the importance of nutrition in the whole program.  I have more energy and am motivated to keep improving. 

Larry, Brea

Disclaimer. These are real clients that have achieved Real Results. Results vary from Individual to individual.

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