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If you have struggled with weight issues and want help to embrace a healthier lifestyle. We have the skill set to assist clients, both physically and psychologically.

We have a clear-cut advantage and expertise to help clients who are ready to make a change. We will help you embrace a healthier lifestyle. We will be able to successfully facilitate these weight loss and fitness goals by applying the most up-to-date and respected guidelines and training methodologies.

With more than a third of adults categorized as obese and even more overweight, this includes the more than half of health club members who are there trying to lose or maintain their weight. It is very clear most of this population would befit greatly by working with us.

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So if you're ready to get off the tread mill of weight lose and weight gain, if it's time to make lasting positive changes. Then call us today! 714-366-1539

In 10 months Mark has lost an incredible 107 pounds since he was sign up with Dave's program.

You've come to the right place to learn, once and for all, the proper protocol for credible, long-term weight-management. We approach the subject through education. Start with the videos....

aaa  Weight Management 101 - Part I  aaa

Disclaimer: Results results vary from person to person. These are real clients that have gotten Real Results.

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